Our donations have bought food for Maxfield Park Children’s Home

Windrsuh Family and Friends UK

Due to the COVID-19 shut down of schools in Jamaica,  Maxfield Park Children’s Home called for donations to raise money to feed the children at lunch time while they are in “lockdown”

We at Windrush Family and Friends UK decided to quickly respond and our colleague in Jamaica ( through International Proxy Parents Charity) contacted the Home and asked them what they wanted.

We agreed that funds should be transferred on 26th May 2020 to pay the supermarket Sampras directly and were able to fund the following for lunch times for the children.

6 tin cheese 1kg

6 Peanut Butter 16oz

8lb Baking powder

6 Vanilla 485g

We were also able to drop off the pampers and wipes we had sent over as donations late last year.