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Helping Jamaican Children's Homes

“Out of many one people”, bridging the gap across the generations and across the world, never forgetting where we and our family came from… making a difference to the place called home…  improving a condition with acts of generosity and ensuring the spirit of family and friends lives on. 


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Our Projects

Windrush Family & Friends UK support local charities such as International Proxy Parent Charity based in Jamaica to get donations into the children's homes so that children can benefit immediately. Our latest project is "Baby Don't Worry About A thing" A fundraiser to refurbish the Baby Room at Glenhope Nursery in Kingston

About Us

We are a group of UK citizens connected to the beautiful Island of Jamaica. Since 2018 we have been working together to fundraise and raise awareness for orphaned, abandoned and abused children who live within the protection of Jamaican Children's Homes.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with any of our projects we need people who can raise funds, organise events, make donations and act as sponsors. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real difference.

Our motto

Out of many one people

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good, you make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

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How to start?

Contact us if you want to get involved by email or on our social media page. 

We are here to help!

If you are fundraising for children’s homes in Jamaica and you want to join forces with us please contact us, we want to support as many initiatives as we can….we are so much stronger together!

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Make a donation

We forward all donations to the charity International Proxy Parent in Jamaica and they act on our behalf to find out what is needed and get receipts for all purchases ensuring the money or donations only go to the children in need.

Start A sponsored event

Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good. If you have an idea for a project or a sponsored event do let us know and we will support you.

Join our Efforts

Join the Windrush Family & Friends Group as a member and come along to one of our social events and regular meetings. Have a say in what we do.

Refurbishing the Baby Room at Glenhope Nursery Kingston Jamaica

Our latest activity

4th July 2020 Sponsored Covid- 19 Walk-athon  – Participant will do up to 5K walk with groups of up to 4 people. Target is to raise £1500.

We are looking for sponsors for this event as well as walkers. Entry fee is £5. All proceeds go to the “Baby Don’t Worry About A thing” Project

So far we have helped
Children's Homes
£ 3836

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